Saturday, March 6, 2010

On Self-Sabotage and Success

Several years ago I had an epic dream about a young woman who had been changed into a vampire. She was miserable as a vampire, hating herself for it, though she lived in a house full of them. Her entire life was taken up with trying to fit in with the other vampires, though she loathed them and  wished to be anything other than what she was. She tried to fight her nature as much as possible, without the others suspecting how she truly felt. Her secret mission, carried out every moment she was away from home, was to find out how to be changed back again.

I awoke from that dream saying, "Wow, I should write a book! This needs to be made into a movie!" But of course, I never did anything with it. Life intervened, the dream faded, and I eventually forgot all about it.

Right about that same time, a woman named Stepanie Meyer had a dream about a vampire. Afterwards, she wrote a book, Twilight, which was later turned into a movie. Now she is one of the most popular authors alive today and the success of her Twilight series is a teen and young adult phenomenon.

I mention this strange dream, and the coincidence of Stephanie Meyer's book, because I have always done this peculiar self-sabotage thing. I have strong urges of intuition and great bursts of creativity, but I ignore them. Or I get right to the brink of success but then somehow I give up, or I allow myself to be derailed by circumstances, or I just fizzle out.

But not this time. See my next post for the rest of the story...

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