Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Items for Sale

A few new things listed on Etsy today:

Wisdom and Strength - lapis and oxidized brass bracelet - $25

Wisdom and strength: two well-known attributes of God. Also character traits people of faith pray for on a regular basis. Now you need only look down at your wrist to re-focus on the Lord, His wisdom & strength, and to remember from Whom your own wisdom and strength come.

The popular variety of lapis in this necklace has beautiful inclusions of chrysocolla (copper silicate), a highly prized blue-green gem stone. The links and findings are of an antique-look, oxidized brass metal.

Tradition says that the Ten Commandments were carved on tablets of sapphire, and it is believed that this and other references to sapphire in the Bible is actually lapis lazuli.

Jasper in an important stone in the Bible. It is included in the precious stones on the Breastplate of Aaron in Exodus 28; it is one of the foundations of the heavenly city in Revelation 21, and in Revelation 4:2, we read the following verse:

"There in heaven was a throne with someone sitting on it. His face gleamed like such precious stones as jasper and carnelian."

Jasper is a beautiful stone! It comes in many varieties and can have very different appearance depending on the variety and even the individual stone. These particular earrings feature a grey and pink mottled stone called leopard jasper. The links and findings are of an antique-look, oxidized brass metal.


As always, there are more pieces in the works! Keep coming back to see the latest at Heavenly City.

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  1. Tablets of Stone and Leopard jasper and oxidized brass necklace are both beautiful!!!
    Although, all of your pieces are beautiful! Great work you do! :)